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Strip 407 -- First Seen: 2010-03-30
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Two-shot of Doris and Fiorella, facing off against the space navy squad.

Fiorella: I thought slug-throwers weren't allowed in SkyLand.

Doris: Well, our Darling avoided detection somehow.

Panel 2
Medium shot of Darling and his men. Darling is pointing the Beretta at the girls in what would be an isosceles stance if he could stand on something. His face is seething with hatred for the girls.
Darling: If it hadn't been for you two bitches, we would have stomped your little rebellion and Admiral Harris would be alive today.

Panel 3
Closer in on Darling. His expression has changed – all emotion seems to have gone, as he intones like a judge pronouncing sentence on the condemned.

Darling: For the life of Admiral Harris and the honor of the Navy, I hereby sentence you to death ...

Panel 4
Looking down along Darling's arms and gun at the girls, who are still dangling helplessly on the tether.
Darling: … execution to be carried out immediately.

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