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Strip 409 -- First Seen: 2010-04-01
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
The instant following the last strip. We can still see a smoldering cinder where Buzz had been, Darling his holding his gun at a high angle, having let his arms absorb most of the recoil so he would not be pushed backward by the gun fire.

Darling: Hahahahahahahahah!

Panel 2
Nearby, a hatch in the side of the Grotto opens and a swarm of bumble-bees, identical to Buzz comes pouring out.

SFX: Bzzzzzzzzzz

Panel 3
The swarm homes in on Darling, who is taken by surprise (as are his men).

Darling: Hey –!

SFX: Bzzzzzzzz

Panel 4
Scores of bees swarm over Darling, stinging him. More bees go after his men, who are belatedly pulling their own concealed handguns.

Darling: Aaaaaaaaaagh!

SFX: Bzzzzzzzzzz

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