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Strip 411 -- First Seen: 2010-04-05
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Still clinging to the tether, the girls are recovering from their laughing fit, as Buzz 2 looks on.

Doris: So, what will happen to our Darling and his men?

Buzz 2: Your – darling?.

Panel 2
Fiorella erupts in more giggles, but Doris just does a facepalm.

Fiorella: heeheeheeheeheehee

Doris: Darling is his name. It's sort of a running joke.

Buzz 2: ah.

Panel 3
In the foreground, we see the paralyzed quintet of space-sailors being carried away by the bees. In the background, Buzz 2 and the two girls.

Buzz 2: To answer your question, they will be thrown out of the park and a full incident report will be sent to their superiors and to the media.

Buzz 2: That is, unless you request otherwise.

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