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Strip 420 -- First Seen: 2010-04-16
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Re-establish the scene: Robyn is sitting on the floor – now her face is in her hands as she breaks down and sobs quietly. Babbette the Younger and Emily lstand by warily

BtY: Why the hell should we put you in a cage?

BtY: All we want is for you to pay for your meal.

Panel 2
Medium close-up of Robyn looking genuinely remorseful.

Robyn: I'm so sorry! I'm not a thief, really!

Robyn: It's just that – I don't have any money, and I was starving!

Panel 3
BtY and Emily each take Robyn by an upper arm and lift her gently to her feet. (Little effort required in the low gravity). Robyn is shaky and looking very vulnerable now.

Robyn: I mean, I DID have some money, b-but I was robbed at the spaceport, and, and ...

Emily: All right, calm down.

Panel 4
Medium 3-shot of the three girls.

BtY: No money, huh? You got a name?

Robyn: Robyn. Robyn Jones.

Panel 5
BtY and Emily escort Robyn over towards a booth.

BtY: Nice name. I'm Babbette Guzmán, and this is Emily Rose.

BtY: My grandmother owns this place.

Panel 6
The girls are seated at the booth. Robyn is in the inside position and Emily sits next to her, effectively holding her in place. As we face the wall, Babbette is on the left, Robyn and Emily on the right. Babbette sits across from the other two. Robyn is looking uncomfortable but not panicky. Emily is handing BtY a napkin for her bloody nose.

BtY: Robyn, I'm going to take the chance that you're sincere.

BtY: The price of your meal – this time only – will be to tell us your story.

Panel 7
Three-shot of the girls. BtY is dabbing at her nose with the napkin.
Robyn: My story?

BtY: Everyone who escapes from Terra has a story. How you came to be here.

Panel 8
Medium c/u of Robyn, with a bit of Emily in the frame. Robyn is calmer now, looking thoughtful.
Robyn: 'Escapes from Terra.' Yeah, I guess I did.

Robyn: OK, here's what happened ...

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