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Strip 423 -- First Seen: 2010-04-21
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Robyn, in a jail-type jumpsuit, is mopping a floor in an institutional-type office area (dingy walls, cheap furniture, linoleum floor). On Robyn's right, a female guard is playfully stroking Robyn's cheek. Robn glares back at her.

Caption (Robyn): 'While in the Youth Authority, a female correction officer came onto me. I told her to keep her hands to herself.'

Panel 2
Robyn rams the mop handle into the guard's nose. The guard's hand is on Robyn's ass.

Caption: 'When she touched me again, I … uh, well, I broke her nose with the mop handle.'

Panel 3
Back to the present, in the cafe booth. We're facing the wall at this point.

Babbette: Oh, so you have a history of breaking noses.

Emily: Shush! I want to hear this.

Panel 4
Switch angles, now we're viewing the scene from the wall. Beyond the booth, we see a half dozen people sitting or standing a short distance away, listening intently.

Robyn: When I was 10, my parents enrolled me in a Kendo dojo after a bullying incident in school.

Robyn: It paid off … sort of.

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