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Strip 426 -- First Seen: 2010-04-26
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Wide panel. Robyn, dressed in a prison jump-suit (baggy, il-fitting), and carrying a small bundle that includes a towel, two spare jumpsuits, underwear and some basic toiletries, is marched by a pair of female guards into what looks like a military barracks. Rows of bunk-beds with a pair of tall, narrow lockers between each. We see some other prisoners, all female here, giving her the look-over. They do not look friendly. She avoids looking at them.

Caption (Robyn): 'My first day, I felt like a piece of fresh meat.'

Panel 2
Robyn sits on the lower of an apparently-unoccupied bunk-bed, staring at the ground.

Caption (Robyn): 'I avoided all eye contact, hoping the others would just ignore me.'

Panel 3
Robyn is rudely knocked off the bunk by a larger girl.

Larger girl: This one's mine, Noob.

Larger girl: You take the upper.

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