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Strip 446 -- First Seen: 2010-05-24
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The waiting is over. And the news is this, the 5th volume in the Quantum Vibe saga is available on Kindle!. Buy your copy today from Amazon, and enjoy our heroes as they have a close encounter of the digital kind from the comfort of your favorite e-reader device.


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At long last, the 5th volume in the Quantum Vibe saga is now available in print. Buy your copy today from Amazon or Barnes & Nobel. You will be able to order directly from Big Head Press (sorry, US shipping only) very soon. Also, look for announcements for Quantum Vibe: Assimulation being available on Kindle and from DriveThru Comics.

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Panel 1
Wide panel. To the left, we see Norman and the girls from behind, looking out the window. To the right, the Sun is 3/4 obscured by the Earth's silhouette. The Earth's disc is surrounded by a thin bright ring that is its atmosphere being illuminated by the Sun. (Remember the Sun's disk is about ΒΌ the apparent size of the Earth's disc.)

Norman: Look, it's starting.

Panel 2
Reverse angle, Norman and the girls looking out through the window. We see a reflection in the glass of the totally eclipsed Sun, its corona streaming around Earth's disc. Inside the apartment the lighting is subdued, so the three characters are softly back-lit.

Caption: 'I gotta admit, it was an impressive sight.'

Panel 3
Side shot focusing on Robyn inside the apartment, putting her hand on the window glass, which is starting to fog. We can see Norman's hand on her shoulder.

Caption: 'As the Earth's shadow fell across us, I touched the window and could feel it rapidly cooling.'

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