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Strip 449 -- First Seen: 2010-05-27
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
More or less a repeat of the last panel, although without the shaking. The mobile, if we can see it, is still swaying. Carla looks terrified, Robyn is glancing nervously at the ceiling. Norman looks disdainful.
Norman: Just a slight moon tremor, ladies. We have them all the time.
Norman: Don't worry, the Tower was built to be flexible and sway a bit.

Panel 2
Norman resumes his advance upon Robyn
Robyn: Stay back!
Norman: Hit me with that and you'll find yourself tossed out a lock, trying to breather vacuum.

Panel 3
A loud, almost explosive crack sound comes from the window frame, which is several feet behind Norman. We see a bit of cracking in the glass around the edges. Norman turns to look at it.

Panel 4
Seeing her opening, Robyn clubs Norman across the face with her make-shift shingi; a fountain of blood erupts from his nose in all directions.
SFX: Clang!

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