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Strip 460 -- First Seen: 2010-06-11
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Robyn and Sajjan are now on the outside of the airlock, in vacuum. They look around at the people milling about. They should be kicking up a fair amount of dust, but it doesn't linger in a vacuum the way it does in atmosphere, it falls straight back to the ground..

Caption (Robyn): 'Outside, it was the same chaotic jumble of people.

Caption: 'We found an unused channel on our comm units and tried to plan our next move.'

Panel 2
Robyn picks up a clip-board from where it's sitting on a barrel.
Caption (Robyn): 'I found a clipboard to carry around.
Caption: 'Throughout space and time, someone carrying a clipboard is assumed to be authorized to be wherever they are.'

Panel 3
Sajjan walks alongside Robyn, carrying a shovel. They both try to look like they're busy doing something.
Caption: 'Sajjan found and carried a shovel for the same reason.
Caption: 'Nobody gave us a second look.'

Panel 4
Sajjan and Robyn continue walking along.

Sajjan: OK, boss, what now?

Robyn: We look for an opportunity, that's what.

Panel 5
Robyn points to a ground vehicle, about the size of a short school-bus except that it has three axles, and wheels somewhat like those of NASA's lunar rover, sitting on a rise about 200 meters away.

Robyn: Look over there.

Robyn: I think that's a private emergency vehicle sitting all by its lonesome.

Panel 6
Robyn and Sajjan moon-walk across the moonscape towards the vehicle. They make a meandering path around various small craters.

Robyn: Let's see if we can borrow a cup of sugar.

Panel 7
Approaching the vehicle, we can now read the words 'Spanish Lookout Search and Rescue' painted on the side.

Robyn: Sajjan, I think we've found a friend.

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