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Strip 463 -- First Seen: 2010-06-16
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Inside the Spanish Lookout S&R vehicle, the inner airlock door opens to admit Robyn and Sajjan. Jacob, the vehicle driver, is standing in the foreground to one side.

Jacob is a little under 6 feet tall, almost a head shorter than Sajjan. He is of moderate build. He's wearing a Drexler-type pressure suit – skin-tight and rubbery, like a SCUBA-diver's wet-suit, but about an inch thick. There's a collar for a helmet but he's not presently wearing one. Also, his hands are un-gloved.

Jacob: I am Jacob. I have an emergency patch kit.

Jacob: Please show me the leak and I shall apply an appropriate patch.

Panel 2
Close 2-shot of Robyn and Sajjan, exchanging guilty glances.

No dialog.

Panel 3
Robyn has removed her helmet, and is looking Jacob directly in the eye. Sajjan is starting to remove his helmet.

Robyn: I lied, Jacob. I don't have a leak. These aren't even our pressure suits.
Panel 4
Looking from behind Robyn and Sajjan at Jacob. He is looking slightly apprehensive and glancing at Sajjan, but standing his ground.

Robyn: We were prisoners and we stole them and escaped from the Tower.

Robyn: I guess that makes us fugitives.

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