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Strip 469 -- First Seen: 2010-06-24
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Robyn and Sajjan continue their lunch. Robyn is getting a bit animated, whereas Sajjan just listens silently.
Robyn: They said the eclipse caused rapid cooling on the windows when the Tower entered Earth's shadow.
Robyn: Because the Moon was at perigee, and the Sun, Earth and Moon were all in alignment, tidal forces were at maximum.

Panel 2
Robyn is holding her arms wide – we can see a bit of Sajjan eating quietly.
Robyn: That's what set off the Moon quake, which flexed the stressed windows and – KABLOOEY! – they blew out.
Robyn: There were 17 deaths, but – get this – they were all either guards or administrators. No inmates were harmed in the making of this disaster.

Panel 3
Looking past Robyn at Sajjan, who is smiling a funny little smile.
Robyn: Except for us – we're listed as 'missing and presumed dead.'
Sajjan: So I guess all that prayin' and meditatin' paid off.

Panel 4
Robyn cocks her head quizzically, Sajjan continues smiling.
Robyn: Huh?
Sajjan: Our 'psychotic breakdown' trick didn't work, but it looks like we got our divine intervention after all!

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