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Strip 626 -- First Seen: 2011-01-31
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
One big panel, establishing the main setting for this story: The Place de la Concorde, an octagonal public 'square' lined with shops and on the right-hand side, the Hôtel de Crillon. The plaza and hotel are scaled-down replicas of the original Place in Paris. The plaza is festooned with fountains and statues, including a fake Obelisk of Luxor, a full 23 meters tall. Overhead is a high, domed ceiling showing a faux-Terran sky of blue clouds (which becomes a starry sky at night, complete with fake Moon). At this time the plaza is also festooned with Christmas decorations, both of the religious and secular variety. About a dozen-plus people can be seen milling about. In addition, an assemblage of four persons – two asian males, one large white male and one sinewy black woman – stand in front of the hotel, surveying the scene.
Ringing the plaza are several decorative light poles each of which also sports a surveillance camera.
Caption 1: The Place de la Concorde on Ceres was a small-scale version of its Parisian name-sake, complete with fountains, a faux Obelisk of Luxor, various shops and the Hôtel de Crillon, a formerly four-star hotel that had become a passable hotel for transients.
Caption 2: The high overhead dome displayed a simulated Terran blue sky during the day, and a moon-lit Terran night – on a 100 centime cycle in synch with the Martian cycle favored on Ceres.
Caption 3: With Christmas only days away, the plaza was presently festooned with holiday decorations, both religious and secular.
Caption 4: It was here that the mysterious Terran foursome last seen at the Iron Rock resurfaced, having purchased the hotel with a gold script debit card issued by eGOLD Panama, S.A.

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