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Strip 685 -- First Seen: 2011-04-22
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Chang facing off against Rhonda, who is still leaning on the Hotel exterior railing.
Ed: And if I should refuse to play in your drama?

Panel 2
Close-up on Rhonda, looking as evil as you can make her.
Rhonda: A little 12-year-old girl will be gang raped, cut up in little pieces and scattered all over Ceres City.

Panel 3

Looking past Rhonda to focus on Ed, who looks openly disgusted.
Rhonda: But if you put on a good show, the girl goes free. Got it?
Ed: You have … men who would do that?

Panel 4
Rhonda, gloating.
Rhonda: They're a special cadre. Chang doesn't even know they were embedded under his command.
Rhonda: I guess you could call them psychopaths too, although the DSM uses the term, 'antisocial personality disorder.'
Panel 5
Looking past Rhonda at Ed, who now has his poker face on.
Rhonda: The military calls them 'Special Services Operatives.'
Rhonda: They follow any orders I give them.

Panel 6
Ed turns to walk away, but has a few last words to Rhonda.
Ed: Have your boy out front of the hotel in four centimes … that's about an hour.

Panel 7
Ed is back at Chez Treif, in a huddle with Bert, Ernie, Vinnie, Neil.
Caption: Ed and the other Belters talked among themselves and at some point, a consensus was reached.

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