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Strip 692 -- First Seen: 2011-04-29
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Now the girls are approaching the Hotel cafe, bumping and grinding along. We can see about a dozen soldiers whooping and cheering.
Caption: The girls sauntered towards the staring soldiers who had joined in with Belters with their own cheers, whistles and bawdy catcalls.

Panel 2
Medium shot of Rhonda, among the soldiers, trying to bark out orders but being drowned out in the din.
Caption: Certain they would soon be under attack, Rhonda tried to order the men to be quiet and take defensive positions. But she was drowned out by the roar echoing across the domed plaza.

Panel 3

Now just 3 meters from the cafe railing, the girls continue bumping, grinding, and blowing kisses.
Caption: The girls continued their floor-show for a few minutes. Suddenly ...

Panel 4
The girls have about-faced and are walking Ceres-style back over to the Belter side of the plaza. The soldiers look confused and disappointed. Among them is Rhonda.
Rhonda (thought): Now what?

Panel 5
In the foreground, to one side, we see Ed. In the medium background, we see Rhonda at the cafe railing, pulling her comm up to her ear.
SFX: beep beep beep

Panel 6
Small panel, close-up on Rhonda looking surprised.
No dialog.

Panel 7
Small panel, close-up on Rhonda now looking enraged, and up (towards Ed, out of frame)
Rhonda: YOU!!!

Panel 8
Wide panel. Rhonda charges at Ed, her African Mamba pistol already drawn and pointed at him She is moving inhumanly fast. Also firing the gun, hitting Ed square in the chest. Our pal Harvey is still standing about a meter or so away from Ed.

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