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Strip 7 - Click on page above to goto the next page. -- First Seen: 2008-09-26
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The waiting is over. And the news is this, the 5th volume in the Quantum Vibe saga is available on Kindle!. Buy your copy today from Amazon, and enjoy our heroes as they have a close encounter of the digital kind from the comfort of your favorite e-reader device.


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At long last, the 5th volume in the Quantum Vibe saga is now available in print. Buy your copy today from Amazon or Barnes & Nobel. You will be able to order directly from Big Head Press (sorry, US shipping only) very soon. Also, look for announcements for Quantum Vibe: Assimulation being available on Kindle and from DriveThru Comics.

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Strip 7 – This time for sure

Panel 1
Largish panel, Guy stands left foreground, carrying a bag in each hand, although we don’t see him below the waist yet. In the background to the right, the Burner spacecraft with its massive engines rests on its launch sling.

Guy (to himself): A 10-day Burner flight to Ceres? Hardly the idyllic cruise I imagined.

(the next panels are a four in a 2x2 grid)
(yes, this looks just like yesterday’s strip, but it resolves differently)

Panel 2
Two-shot of Guy and Fiorella. We see both above the waist.

Guy: Ah, Ms. Stellina! Have everything you need?

Panel 3
Same shot. She is answering his question, but he looks distracted by something.

Fiorella: Yes, Mr. Caillard. Thank you for choosing me for this job.

Panel 4
Camera pulls back to show them head-to-toe. Fiorella is the same as before, but this time Guy is looking down to see that he does have pants on this time.

Guy: Ah.

Panel 5
The two of them walk away towards the spaceship, bags in tow.

Guy: Just checking.

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