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Strip 702 -- First Seen: 2011-05-13
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Libby is out on the isthmus, now turned halfway around towards us. She is lifting one foot so that we can see some gooey stuff sticking to her shoe. Libby looks disgusted. We can also see the 'Keep Off The Grass' sign close behind her.
Libby: Oh my god! This grass is full of penguin shit!

Panel 2
Cut to Emily and Robyn, with Robyn aiming her camera and Emily looking annoyed.
Libby (OP): Get ready! I see a dozen penguins dolphin-ing towards me.
Libby (OP): Video them as they leap over me.

Panel 3
Large panel. With Libby holding her arms upward, several penguins are flying gracefully over her.
Libby: WOO HOO!!

Panel 4
Medium shot of Libby, suddenly getting bombarded with three blobs of penguin poop. Libby looks enraged, and a bit off-balance.
Libby: You sons of bitches!
SFX: Plop! Ploop! Plip!!

Panel 5
Libby loses her footing and slides down the matted grass ...
Libby: Gaaah!

Panel 6
And lands almost crotch-deep in the slimy, fetid water.
Libby: Fuuuuuuuck!

Panel 7
Cut to, the girls in a restroom. Libby, now clad just in bra and panties, is towling her hair dry. Emily is bringing in some clean clothes. Robyn is still holding her camera.
Libby: Give me that recording!
Robyn: Uh, well, I sort of already sent it to Abby Kuan. I thought she would keep it to herself, but ...

Panel 8
Now Libby is looking horrified/angry. Robyn is shrugging apologetically, Emily is trying really hard not to laugh.
Robyn: But she shared it and it got posted on YouTube and, well, it went viral. I guess you're famous.
Libby: Yeah, as Miss Ceres in the Interplanetary Penguin Poop Pageant!

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