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Strip 92 - Click on page above to goto the next page. -- First Seen: 2009-01-20
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Guy is riding in Babbette the Younger’s cab, enroute to the King’s Court.

Guy: I must say, despite the disappointment with Fiorella, I’ve had an enjoyable time here.

Babbette: Oh, yes?

Panel 2
Close-up on Guy, a look of dreamy remembrance on his face. Leave extra space for dialog.

Guy: People here do things that are … real.

Guy (2): Reminds me of my childhood summers, on my grandfather’s farm in France. I collected eggs, fed the animals, tended the garden…

Guy (3): I could also swim in the sea, explore the woods, and ride a horse.

Panel 3
Pull camera back to bring Babbette back into the frame. She seems moved by his story.
[I like this. It helps set us up for WAR.]
Guy: I fantasized of being a pirate, or better yet, a cowboy.

Guy (2): Sadly, it all ended when the farm was collectivized and I was put into an accounting school.

Panel 4
The cab pulls up in front of the King’s Court.

Babbette: But isn’t that what you plan to do with Ceres, collectivize us?

Guy: Now-now, it’s all really for your benefit.

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