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Strip 976 -- First Seen: 2012-06-13
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Establishing shot of Emily and Anton sit in Anton's living room. Emily is looking sad and Anton is being friendly.
Anton: Emily, stop beating yourself up.
Anton: I've reviewed the video of your trial. You thought you were protecting—or maybe avenging—your friend, Libby. I cannot fault you for that.
Panel 2
Close-up of Emily, looking even more remorseful.
Anton (OP): There is one thing, though.
Panel 3
Close-up of Anton, forgiving.
Anton: The thing is, I think Sv Rosenberg did the right thing when he put you to work in Sherwood Forest.
Anton: You needed the light of life here, to replace the shadows of death inside you.
Panel 4
Anton puts his hand over Emily's, encouragingly.
Anton: I see you know it's true.
Anton: I have a business proposal for you. I want you to be my partner in a business that offers life as its only product.

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