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Quantum Vibe: Chateau Perilleux
The Architect, by Mike Baron and Andie Tong - Roark Dexter Smith was a beguiler, womanizer, bon vivant, amateur mycologist and expert violinist in addition to being a world-class designer. Oh, and Mr. smith had another hobby, one he didn't want anyone to know about.
Gil Hopper, adopted as  ababy, discovers he is the heir to the famous Roark Dexter Smith, and inherits Bluff House, a secluded mansion in which a mysterious fire had killed Smith, his wife, and Smith's assistant. There are dark secrets involving Gil's heritage, which may prove fatal to him and his friends.
An all-new tale of love, lust, genius, and betrayal from Eisner Award-winning author Mike Baron and artist Andie Tong.
80 pages, 6.25x10.25 trade paperback. ISBN978-0-9743814-4-2. Diamond Order #OCT073345. $9.95

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