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Strip 212 -- First Seen: 2009-07-07
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The Transcript For This Page

Large panel. Exterior view of the Kobayashi Corporation headquarters, a not-terribly imposing office-park type building, three storeys tall. We see it from one corner, where the main entrance is situated. Above the broad entryway is space for the corporation logo – stylized pine trees beneath racing clouds (I'll handle the logo, just leave me some room for it). The building is about 100 meters long on each side and sits on a bit of a rise, so there are some steps (maybe a dozen or so) leading up from the curb to the entryway. The exterior is a combination of glass windows and faux-limestone facade. Along one wall near the entrance, at the ground level, is a patio with tables (some with umbrellas) and chairs. The Rolls has just pulled up in front.

Ernie: Dis mus' be de plaze.

Drenkowski: It is.

Panel 2
The three make their way up the stairs – Drenkowski is several feet ahead and off a bit to the right of the brothers, who are struggling against the unaccustomed gravity. Drenkowski isn't bothered at all. We are seeing them from the front, with the Rolls in the background.

Ernie (whisper): Stairs. Why did there have to be stairs?

Bert (whisper): Shush.

Panel 3
Reverse angle. The brothers are half-way up the steps. Drenkowski is closer to the entrance but stands to one side (the brother's left) as Tobikuman Kobayashi strides out of the doorway. Tobi is a not-tall, somewhat heavy-set, Japanese man wearing an aloha shirt, chinos shorts, sandals, and dark glasses. He holds his arms wide in a gesture of greeting.

Tobi: Hi guys, welcome to the Little Prince.

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