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Strip 225 -- First Seen: 2009-07-24
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Quantum Vibe: Château Périlleux concludes

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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Bert, Ernie and Tobi at the patio table. Bert is starting to get a bit exasperated. Tobi is holding his arms out, palms forward.

Bert: Yes, and all this is relevant how?

Tobi: Okay okay, here's the deal. The UW government hates my guts ...

Panel 2
Medium closeup of Ernie, maybe we can see a bit of Bert beside him.

Ernie: No it doesn't.

Ernie: You have awards and honors out the butt from the UW and just about every organization known to man.

Panel 3
Cut to, essentially, Bert's POV. Ernie is in the near left and Tobi towards the right, a bit farther away.

Ernie: Geez, Louise, you even got named Time's Man of the Millennium. Everybody loves you.

Tobi: Ernie, you don't get it.

Panel 4
Medium shot of Tobi, holding one palm forward.
Tobi: What else could they say?
Tobi: I released all the hardware specs and software as open source.
Tobi: I did it simultaneously across the solar system, so nobody could bury it.

Panel 5
Looking over Tobi's shoulder towards the Brothers, who are looking thoughtful.

Tobi: It was a fait accompli.

Tobi: What else could they do but put on their best faces and pretend to honor me?

Bert: But that was then and this is now.
Panel 6
Looking over Bert's shoulder at Tobi. Tobi is just sitting with his arms crossed.

Bert: ohhhhh.....

Panel 7
Medium c/u on Bert.
Bert: It's not what you did then, but what you are doing now, isn't it?
Bert: You have another disruptive technology up your sleeve, right?

Panel 8
Medium on Tobi, smiling broadly and spreading his arms wide.

Tobi: Two disruptive technologies, actually.

Tobi: Number one: Chimeric Food Sources.

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