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Strip 320 -- First Seen: 2009-12-04
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Wide panel, not very tall. On the left, closer to us, we see the Split Tail with her laser pointed at the Alpha Relentless, towards the right and farther away. We can see a corner of the asteroid they're fighting over poking into the frame, but due to the angle we can't yet tell yet what it is.

Doris (from Split-Tail): An armed society is a polite society, so mind your manners..

Darling (from Relentless): Well guess what, bitch ...

Panel 2
Medium close-up of Darling at his station, grinning evilly.

Darling: The Relentless is an asteroid survey ship, and we have a laser, too.

Darling: Maybe I should burn your laser off its swivel mounts, board your little turd and introduce you to the sailors in the brig.

Panel 3
Medium close-up of Doris, smirking (with a sense of bravado).

Doris: Bad idea, my Darling.

Doris: 180 degrees around our hull, we have several racks of, uh, space torpedoes.

Panel 4
Medium 2-shot of Fiorella and Doris, focus on Fiorella looking doubtfully at her captain.

Doris: And Darling, those torpedoes are under computer control. If you fire on us, they'll launch automatically.

Panel 5
Medium shot of Darling at his station, red-faced and yelling. If possible show the other crewman looking at him.

Doris (filtered): So, Darling ...

Darling: Stop calling me Darling!!

Panel 6
Two-shot of Fiorella and Doris, Fiorella giggling and Doris smiling sweetly.

Doris: Okay, First Officer William Darling, as you wish.

Doris: How about Willie? I've known lots of Willies ...

Panel 7
Darling, at his station, looking deadly serious.

Darling: Captain Taylor, as humorous as you seem to think this is, we have a problem. I can not, and will not, give up control of this object, which is clearly an artifact.

Panel 8
Two-shot of Fiorella and Doris, glancing at each other now, looking troubled.

Darling (filtered): I have called two Deltas, which are within 2 hours of here. This little stand-off will not last long,

Darling: I suggest you leave, now.

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