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Strip 323 -- First Seen: 2009-12-09
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And We Are Back!

And We Are Back!

Hope everyone had a great holiday. We've got plenty of exciting story ahead for 2022. So, don't miss a moment, because things are heating up.

For those who contributed to our Roswell, Texas Rides Again Indiegogo campaign, we are putting the finishing touches on the book, and hope to get it to press soon.

Happy New Year from the folks at Big Head Press!

Holiday News

Quantum Vibe Holiday

Happy holidays everyone! Wanted to let you know that Quantum Vibe will be taking a break for the holidays next week. Have no fear, Quantum Vibe will return after the new year on Monday, January 3rd.

And as a little holiday bonus, two more Quantum Vibe strips will drop this week. One on Thursday, followed by another on Friday. We hope that will help tide everyone over until Quantum Vibe returns.

Lastly, we at Big Head Press want to thank all our fans for your support and wish you safe and happy holidays. See you next year!

The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Exterior view of the Split-Tail, now accelerating rapidly away from the scene of the confrontation.

Doris: Yeoman, please tell me you got all that on vid and audio.

Fiorella: Aye, Captain

Panel 2
In the control cabin, 2-shot of Fiorella and Doris.

Fiorella: This momentous event in human history has been memorialized for all posterity.

Doris: Good girl ...

Panel 3
Medium close-up of Doris.

Doris: Now t-mail that recording to every news agency, blog and garden club newsletter in human space.

Panel 4
Two-shot of Fiorella and Doris, both grinning mischievously.

Doris: In a few hours, those yahoos are going to have every newsy in the Belt out here doing a proctological exam on that thing …

Doris: … and with any luck, on my dear Darling, as well.

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