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Strip 328 -- First Seen: 2009-12-16
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Large panel. The Moai-head asteroid is now surrounded by several ships of varioius types, with the Alpha Relentless stannding off only about 50 meters from it.

Relentless crewman: I count 37 craft in range now, sir..

Crewman: Thirty-five licensed media, two VIP yachts.

Panel 2
In the Relentless control deck, the crewman, F.O. Darling, and Captain Gondalia. Gondalia is a middle-aged East Indian, balding, pencil-moustache, wiry, exudes self-discipline and control. He is arching a disapproving eyebrow at Darling. (Don't forget, weightless environment).

Crewman: 40 craft now ...

Darling: I say we laser a couple of the newsies and the rest will scatter.

Gondalia: Are you mad?

Panel 3
Medium close-up on Gondalia, looking decisive.

Gondalia: We must regain control of the situation with minimal impact.

Gondalia: And I know just how we will do that.

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