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Strip 335 -- First Seen: 2009-12-25
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Looking in through the broad pilot's viewport of Lust in Space, we see five women, 4 young and beautiful, the fifth just slightly more mature-looking (Capt. Lili), looking out in wonderment:

First Officer Mimi: That is just too weird!

Captain Lili (the older one): And look at the head on that thing!

Panel 2
Looking under the bottom of Lust in Space, we see the UW Alpha Relentless approaching.

Darling (from Relentless): Ahoy the bang bus. We are coming up on your aft.

Darling: Move away from the Artifact.

Panel 3
In the LIS control cabin. The girls are looking at each other and grinning:

Darling (filtered): This object is being duly claimed by UW Alpha Relentless in the name of the United World. Do not move any closer.

Lili: Girls, I think it's that Darling guy from the vid!

Panel 4
Lili touches a button on the console.

Lili: Hello … Darling. We are all waiting for you to come up our aft.

Lili: We are wet with anticipation.

Panel 5
Group shot of the girls, all laughing uproariously.

All: Ha ha ha Hee hee hee Ha ha ha Tee hee hee

Panel 6
Cut to the control deck of the Relentless. Darling glowers in anger as Captian Gondalia, behind him, suppresses a giggle. The crewman smirks too.

From LIS (filtered): Ha ha ha Tee hee hee Ha ha ha snicker-snicker

Panel 7
Medium close-up of the crewman, alerted by something on his console.

Crewman: Uh, {cough} sir, I show 14 more ships moving into range …

Crewman: Correction: make that 35 ships.

Panel 8
Medium shot of Darling doing a face-palm. We can see Gondalia behind him, just looking grim.

Crewman (OP): Er, make that 117 ships …

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