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Strip 360 -- First Seen: 2010-01-29
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Large, flash-back sort of panel. A younger (but still quite large) Arana is in a wood-carving studio. He's working on one object; on shelves behind him are several other beautiful Maori carvings – see reference photos provided by Sandy. In a small cameo-panel overlooking the scene, we see Reggie, talking.

Reggie: Arana showed early promise of artistic ability, especially with traditional Maori wood carvings.

Reggie: He studied under a master carver and produced some beautiful sculptures.

Panel 2
Back in the present, Reggie is talking to Doris and Fiorella, who are turned to look at him.

Reggie: When we're all back on Ceres, remind me to show you several exquisite pieces I bought early in his career.

Panel 3
Looking past Reggie toward Arana at his desk, a bitter expression on his face.

Reggie: So what did your great talent earn you, Arana?

Arana: Bubkes, nada, zip, zero.

Panel 4
Another flashback panel. We see Arana, from behind, standing in front of a mirror, posed so that we can't clearly see his reflection. He's pulling something down over his head.

Caption (Reggie): 'So he decided that if art critics and fanciers weren't going to take him seriously, he wasn't going to take them seriously either.

Caption (Reggie): He looked around, saw who was getting attention – and money – and decided to create the most flamboyant deceit in the history of art.

Panel 5
Focus is on Doris, but above her head is a cloudy-bordered space in which appears the image of the masked 'Mysto.' It's a full-face mask with some bizarre design. Go nuts.

Reggie (OP): He put on a mask and …

Doris: MYSTO! You're Mysto!
Panel 6
Looking past Doris at Arana, who is half-risen from his chair and taking a deep bow.

Arana: Congratulations, Captain, I am indeed Mysto, the famed 'Interplanetary Environmental Artist.'

Panel 7
Pull back a bit so we can also see Fiorella, who reacts with mild shock to what Doris was saying.

Arana: How did you like my work?

Doris: It was crap.

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