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Strip 365 -- First Seen: 2010-02-05
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Re-establishing shot of Arana's office. Focus is on Arana but try to angle things so you get everyone – the girls and Reggie's hologram – into the shot.

Arana: I got bored.

Arana: Also, I wondered if I had what it took to pull off the biggest scam in human history.

Panel 2
Medium shot of Reggie's hologram, speaking.

Reggie: Not counting government, I think you succeeded.

Reggie: Your big heads got more press than any scam in history.

Panel 3
Medium shot of Arana basking in Reggie's praise.

Reggie: (OP) Your little 'scavenger hunt' fooled billions of suckers, not the least of which were the media.

Panel 4
Two-shot of the girls. Fiorella is laughing as Doris speaks.

Doris: Yeah, right.

Doris: So Reggie, when I contacted you about the 'Moai,' you just put two and two together?

Panel 5
Medium shot of Reggie's hologram.

Reggie: No, I knew something was funny about all this, but it took the Gray Alien to dial it in.

Reggie: So I contacted Arana, offered to help, and the rest is history.

Panel 6
Medium shot of Doris, looking back at Reggie's hologram.

Doris: Then you made sure I was there to 'communicate' with the Elvis Orb.

Doris: So why the park?

Panel 7
Medium shot of Arana, leaning forward on his desk, his face projecting excitement.

Arana: I actually wanted to create something lasting.

Arana: Plus, I needed funding to be able to carve those things. So I sought a real patron.

Panel 8
Two-shot of the girls, looking at each other in surprise.

Arana: I'd heard that Tobikuma Kobayashi had a quirky sense of humor.

Arana: So I decided to ask him to be my partner in crime.

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