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Strip 367 -- First Seen: 2010-02-09
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Looking at Arana from behind the girls. He's holding his palms upward in a “well, that's my story” gesture.

Arana: So, that's the story.

Arana: I hope you aren't too angry about being kept in the dark.

Panel 2
The girls, from Arana's POV, looking back at him with arms crossed, legs crossed, and face set in that 'you're in trouble, buster' expression only beautiful women can do.
No dialog.

Panel 3
Medium shot of Arana, looking not contrite so much as conciliatory.

Arana: Reggie suggested, and I agreed,l that you both should have some park shares and free admission for life, for you, your family and friends …

Arana: … Plus 'backstage passes' for any time you want to see the guts of the operation.

Panel 4
Same angle shot on the girls as in Panel 2, but now they are in full-bore 'SQUEE!' mode, like they'd just won a jackpot.

Arana: (OP) Now get out there and enjoy yourselves!

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