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Strip 396 -- First Seen: 2010-03-18
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Narrow panel, two-shot of Doris and Fiorella in their plane, looking almost overcome with emotion.

Doris: I've never heard of this Norman Borlaug before ...

Panel 2
Large panel. The girls and their plane are dwarfed by a large globe (encased inside a larger, transparent globe) which is a stylized representation of Earth. Norman Borlaug stands on the equatorial Atlantic, holding forth a clutch of grain stalks in one upraised hand, while holding a small African child in the crook of his other elbow. Standing to his left and right, on South America and Africa, are people of all ages from South Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Directly in front of the girls is a 4x3x1 meter floating box sporting a plaque with 'Norman Borlaug' visible at the top and some unreadable text underneath, which explains who he was.

Doris: … but now I'll never forget him.

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