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Strip 450 -- First Seen: 2010-05-28
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
An instant after the last panel. In the foreground, we can see Robyn holding the now-bloody metal tube. In the background, Norman is staggering backwards towards the window, blood still spurting from this nose. Carla is standing to one side, horrified.

Norman: Guh!!

Panel 2
Norman staggers backward and falls, slamming his head against the large window.
SFX: Chonk!

Panel 3
Norman slumps to the ground, semi-conscious and bloody-faced. Where his head struck the window, we can see a spider-web of cracks radiating from the impact-point.
SFX: (a dozen tiny CRACK!s and POP!s)
Panel 4
Robyn grabs Carla (who is paralyzed with horror) and pulls her towards the airlock door.

Robyn: Come ON!

Panel 5
Inside the airlock, Robyn tugs on the inner lock door but it won't budge. Carla can be seen to one side, still frozen in horror.

Caption (Robyn): 'When I tried to close the lock's door, it wouldn't budge. Most likely the hinges were too rusty.

Panel 6
Looking over Robyn's shoulder, through the airlock doorway, we can see Norman has gotten to his feet, and staggers dazedly/menacingly towards her.

Robyn: Fuck-berries.

Panel 7
The window behind Norman disintegrates, and the air rushes out of the room into vacuum, drawing all loose objects in the room with it. Norman is now staggering backwards (but there's a heavy love-seat close-by which he will grab in a second.)


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