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Strip 470 -- First Seen: 2010-06-25
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
A couple of Chinese 'Underground Railroad' members introduce Robyn to Robert 'Bobcat' Katzman, a space pilot. Bobcat is on the large side, thought not as large as Sajjan, and has a big curly mop of dark-blond hair and a half-beard.

Caption (Robyn): My Underground Railroad protectors introduced me to Robert Katzman, owner/operator of the Wandering Jew, a tramp steamer out of Ceres.
Caption: Everybody calls him 'Bobcat.'

Panel 2
Bobcat walks through an airlock leading to his ship, with Robyn following behind, carrying a small rucksack. She turns to wave good-bye to her UR benefactors..
Caption (Robyn): Bobcat was headed for Vesta, but was willing to make a stop at Ceres where I'd be dropped off.
Panel 3
Bobcat shows Robyn to a very small, private cabin with a sleeping cocoon, a compartment for her belongings, and a tiny sink with a mirror.
Caption (Robyn): 'I was apprehensive at first, traveling with a strange man, but I had my own private space and Bobcat was a perfect gentleman.'
Panel 4
Exterior view of the Wandering Jew blasting away from the Moon.

Robyn (thought, from inside the ship): If this ain't flying 'up, up to the sky,' I don't know what is.

Panel 5
In the control cabin of the Wandering Jew, Bobcat monitors his instruments while Robyn, in the co-pilot's seat, gazes out a port-hole.

Caption (Robyn): 'The Underground Railroad had given me some clothes, a T-comm, and several grams of gold.

Caption: 'I was supposed to find someone named Reggie King once I got to Ceres.

Panel 6
Robyn in the Ceres Spaceport Terminal, shuffling along with difficulty in the low gravity, rucksack slung over her shoulder.

Caption (Robyn): During my time with the Underground Railroad people and then with Bobcat, over a year's worth of stress had melted away.

Panel 7
Robyn is walking (still with some difficulty) along a causeway, unaware of a shadowy figure that has appeared behind her.

Caption: For the first time since my arrest in Singapore, I felt safe.

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