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Strip 495 -- First Seen: 2010-07-30
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
The mass driver is on its side once again. Bert (on the left) is removing the hoppers from the Conveyer, Ernie is removing the bracing struts from the bottom-end of the Mass Driver.
Bert: You know, something occurs to me about our friends ...
Ernie: Yeah?
Panel 2
Bert is now standing near Ernie and making gestures in sign language. (He holds one hand cupped by his ear while the other arm does a double-exposure effect, pointing upwards and then at himself.)

Bert (translating his signs): They can still hear our radio transmissions.
Ernie (aloud): Crap.
Panel 3
Bert presses one of a half-dozen buttons grouped on the wrist of his space-suit.

Bert: We should be okay if we lower the gain on our transmitters to 50 milliwatts. That cuts the effective range to 250 meters.
Ernie: Gotcha.
Panel 4
Ernie glides by Bert, carrying one of the hoppers.
Ernie: Now, help me weld these things on the base end of the Mass Driver.

Panel 5
Tall panel. The Mass Driver, now inverted, is braced up against the inside crater wall, it's bottom-end pointed up. The four hoppers have been attached to the now-elevated bottom end. See reference sketch 'Rockrocket.gif' for the arrangement. The Brothers stand on the crater rim looking at their work.
Bert: This is going to be a walk in the park.
Panel 6
Two-shot of the Brothers, Ernie looking dubiously at Bert, Bert looking back at him.
Bert: No, really, Ernie, this isn't rocket science.
Ernie: Actually, Bert it is rocket science.
Panel 7
Same shot, now the Brothers are both looking at their make-shift rock-rocket.
Bert: Oh yeah, I guess it is.
Bert: Anyway, it's not particularly difficult rocket science.

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