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Strip 554 -- First Seen: 2010-10-21
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Pablo at his desk, bracing with both hands and arms spread far apart against the desk edge.
Pablo: Oh good. They may sell their personal effects to cover part of their debt.
Pablo: After that, they will have to work it off as they have agreed.

Panel 2
Cut to the three defendants, who are looking a bit uncomfortable. We can see a few spectators behind them.
Pablo (OP): Usually with miscreants who have insufficient funds we give them a track-and-disable collar that cannot be removed.

Panel 3
Cut back to Pablo. There's extra dialog in this panel so leave room for it.
Pablo: If they don't get a job we can indenture them to the highest bidder.
Pablo: There are contractual protections against physical abuse, dangerous work, and so forth.
Pablo: However, the jobs are usually dirty and difficult. Farm animals are often involved.

Panel 4
Cut to medium close-up of Merry, nearly shouting.
Merry: Sv. Rosenberg, I cannot countenance slavery!

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