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Strip 546 -- First Seen: 2010-10-11
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Medium shot of Merry Petzger, holding a small electronic pad in one hand, assuming a formal pose as of a lawyer addressing a court, which is more or less what she is and is doing. Merry appears to be about 30, Caucasian with dark hair, not unattractive, dressed in a business-like fashion.
Merry: Your honor, I would like the record to show that my clients have been held, against their will, at Bob's Bail Bond, Bed & Breakfast since the alleged incident over two decadays ago.
Panel 2
Medium shot of Pablo Rosenberg, sitting at his desk, dressed in normal Belter attire with a Star of David pendant on a slender chain hung around his neck. (He's Jewish.) The desk is an ordinary executive's desk, not an elevated judge's bench such as in a Terran court room. There is a soft-ball sized gizmo front-and-center on his desk.
Pablo: Ok, Merry. Number One, please address me as Pablo or Sv. Rosenberg. This is not some putain court!
Pablo: Pardon my French.
Pablo: Two, you wanted me to be the judge in arbitration for your clients, and you knew this was the first opening in my schedule.
Panel 3
Medium three shot of the defendants, seated in chairs: Kinko (large, heavy-set, shaved head, Southern white-trash looking), Lawrence (tall, lanky, mixed Canadian/Chinese ancestry with aquiline nose and dark, almond-shaped eyes, long black hair, pot-smoker – although not in this scene), and Morris (Black, compact but muscular, with a burning intelligence in his eyes.) They are all quiet but a bit nervous. We can see a few more assorted individuals seated on benches behind them – they are spectators to the proceedings.
Pablo (OP): Three, nobody likes to be locked up, but Bob's Bail Bond, Bed & Breakfast is a palace – tanglenet, lap pool, gym, great food and optional visits from sexual service providers.
Panel 4
Looking over Merry's shoulder at Pablo. He's smirking just a bit at her.
Pablo: Are you just annoyed that you agreed to pay their tab at Bob's?

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