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Strip 556 -- First Seen: 2010-10-25
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Reggie starting to wake up in bed, hungover. He's holding a palm against his temple in a reaction to the headache he's having – add some radiating lines from his head to make the point clear. He has bed covers pulled up to his chest, but he's not wearing a shirt. It's a queen-sized bed and there's a lump under the covers next to him.
Reggie: Unh …

Panel 2
Still groggy, with little 'groggy' bubbles popping around his head, he notices the lump in the bed next to him.
Reggie: Hunh.

Panel 3
He pulls the covers off the lump, revealing a pair of female feet. He's still groggy from the hangover.
Reggie: Uh … hello?

Panel 4
Pull camera back so we see the foot of the bed in the foreground while we can still see Reggie in the middle-background. He's looking confused and slightly alarmed. At the foot of the bed is a lump shaped like a person's head and shoulders.
Lump: Hello, sailor, new in town?

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