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Strip 581 -- First Seen: 2010-11-29
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Large panel, establishing shot of the lobby at Hôtel de Crillon. This place had been meant to be a 4-star hotel, but has since devolved into a transient residence-hotel. Merry and her three clients – 'the boys' – are standing amidst the overstuffed furniture, Merry handing out card-keys to the boys, who are looking around at the place. Larry is taking a hit off a joint. There are ruck-sacks with the boys' belongings on the floor at their feet.
Merry: All right, you're in rooms 423, 424 and 425.
Merry: You're paid up for a decaday, after that you'll need to pay rent out of your own earnings.

Panel 2
Morris looks at his key-card with disdain, Lawrence sticks his in a pocket, as Kinko takes the third card from Merry
Morris: Huh. Ten grams per decaday for this dump?
Merry: Well, it includes breakfast, and laundry service.

Panel 3
Morris, his ruck-sack slung over his shoulder, trudges away towards the elevators. Lawrence and Kinko look at each other has Merry looks on.
Morris: This ain't no Bob's Bail Bond, Bed and Breakfast , that's fur sure.

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