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Strip 584 -- First Seen: 2010-12-02
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SubscribeStar update: Not yet

The QUANTUM VIBE page on SubscribeStar is open, although the site seems to be going through some growing pains.

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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Kinko and the alpha-male pig charging towards each other. The pig is a bit larger than Kinko, and due to the low gravity he can leap up a couple of feet into the air. So they're pretty much face-to-face in this frame.
Kinko: GRAAAAA!!!

Panel 2
Kinko and the pig grappling, rolling and bouncing (low gravity) in the muck
SFX: various grunting sounds

Panel 3
Kinko is on the pig's back, his ankles locked under the animal's thighs and his arms around the pig's neck turning his head to this side in a kind of hammer-lock. The pig struggles and the bounce a bit but the pig is effectively pinned.
SFX: various grunting sounds

Panel 4
Kinko stands triumphantly, completely covered with muck and arms upraised, over the alpha-pig which lays submissively at his feet. In the background left, we can see Sv. Lewis giving a thumbs-up sign.
Lewis: Y'got the job, kid!
Kinko: Boo-ya! I am Boss Hogg!

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