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Strip 587 -- First Seen: 2010-12-07
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Flashback scene: In the Cuban sector, Morris is dressed in slick 'out on the town,' stepping out from a nightclub entrance. The club's name is 'La Copa Cabana.'
Caption: In his native Cuba, Morris was known as a juega vivo, which roughly translates as a 'player.'
Caption: Though violence was never far under the surface, he usually used his brains.

Panel 2
Around a corner from the entrance, he's handing something to a somewhat less-well-dressed man, both of them looking over their shoulders.
Caption: In the Cuba sector, he started as a petty hustler of alcohol, nicotine and other banned drugs.
Caption: Later he became an accomplished con man and card shark.

Panel 3
Morris is now in Ceres City, walking down main street past a sidewalk cafe where a couple of patrons are smoking joints and happily conversing. Morris looks over at them with an expression of frustration.
Caption: In the Belt, there were no drug prohibition laws to support that hustle.

Panel 4
Medium shot of Morris leaning up against a wall, holding a deck of cards in one hand, doing that cut-a-deck-with-one-hand move, while smiling slyly at the camera.
Caption: Belters were extremely skeptical not not prone to get-rich-quick schemes, so scams were out.
Caption: That left card.

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