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Strip 590 -- First Seen: 2010-12-10
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Medium shot of Morris at the poker table. We can also see one of the Koreans and the Blonde Woman in the frame, also part of the center of the table where we see a small pile of chips. Morris has a respectable pile of chips in front of him, the players on either side of him have only a few each. Morris is showing cards – two Kings and two Jacks, smiling in anticipation of another win. The players on either side of him have only a few chips each, have 'folded' their hands and are looking unhappy.
Morris (thought): Not bad so far – even though I'm not cheating, I'm killing them.

Panel 2
Swivel the camera around so we see Ed Turner, seated opposite Morris, looking relaxed and happy, and with a pile of chips as large as Morris', picking up a couple of chips to place in the pot. The two players on either side of him are likewise folded and glum.
Morris (thought): … except for that damned white guy.
Morris (thought): Without this guy in the game I'd be raking it in twice as fast.

Panel 3
Medium shot of Morris dealing cards into the trays.
Caption: Whenever he had the 'button' he dealt a few bottoms and seconds.
Caption: Not too often, but enough to shift the game in his favor.

Panel 4
Medium close-up of Morris, with the deck in one had and sneaking a card from it into his shirt with the other.
Caption: It still wasn't enough to satisfy him, so he started keeping 'hold outs' from his hands.

Panel 5
Three-shot of Morris, the Blonde and Suki, with Suki angrily pointing an accusing finger (right across the blonde's startled face) at Morris, who has the button again and just secreted a card in his shirt and still has his hand close to it)..
Caption: However, the third time ...
Suki: Take that queen of spades out of your shirt, cheater!

Panel 6
Medium close-up of Morris, quickly angering and defensive/combative.
Morris: I don't know what you're talking about! You're crazy, lady!

Panel 7
Tight close-up of Suki, who suddenly looks oddly masculine – she tilts her head forward and glares intensely back Morris.
Suki (in an emphasized voice): I'm not crazy and I ain't no lady.

Panel 8
Tight close-up of Morris, suddenly shocked/disoriented as he freezes and stares back at Suki.
Morris: Fuck!

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