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Strip 611 -- First Seen: 2011-01-10
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Continue the scene at the bar. Carlos is angrily confronting Ed, as Larry stands by.
Carlos: Isn't the Belt an anarchy?
Carlos: So how come all the rules about no physical stuff?
Panel 2
Looking past Carlos at Ed, who remains calm.
Ed: Carlos, anarchy means 'no rulers,' not 'no rules.'
Ed: Rules – or more correctly, 'guidelines' – are an emergent phenomenon in all cultures, even anarchies.
Panel 3
Two-shot of Ed and Carlos, Carlos looks a little surprised when Ed speaks to him in Spanish. The translations appear in a caption box at the bottom of the panel.
Ed: Amigo, yo no quiero verte convertido en un 'social veinte-veinte.'
Caption: 'I don't want you to be a 'social 20-20.'

Panel 4
Another two-shot, focusing more on Carlos, looking perplexed.
Ed: Un 'veinte-veinte social,' es un tipo que no ha aprendido lo que significa ser libre. Puede que lo mataran.
Caption: 'A 20-20 is a guy who doesn't understand what it means to be free. It can get him killed.'

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