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Strip 779 -- First Seen: 2011-08-30
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
In their stateroom, Reggie continues his lecture to Babbette.
Reggie: Three, the inhabitants of the north polar community have the most high-net-worth individuals in the System as the beauty and grandeur of their PTFs demonstrate.

Panel 2
Exterior view – the burner is now turning around, preparing to decelerate the remaining distance to its destination.
Reggie (from the ship): Four, the southern polar community is the largest collection of technological innovators and entrepreneurs anywhere.
Reggie: It's the Solar System's 'Silicon Valley.'

Panel 3
Back inside the stateroom, two-shot of Reggie and Babbette. She's again looking quizzical.
Rosenberg: Plus, the South Pole has the largest community of personal service providers in Human Space.
Reggie: 'Personal service providers' are what we used to call 'servants.'
Panel 4
Now Babbette is sitting straight up with a fist on one hip, pinching her nostrils with the fingers of her other hand and pursing her lips together, in a mocking gesture. Reggie is laughing.
Babbette: But isn't that slavery?
Reggie: Ha-ha! Nice imitation of Merry Petzger.
Reggie: In fact, off Terra, 'servants' are among the highest-paid professionals around.

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