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Strip 787 -- First Seen: 2011-09-09
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Guy's living room, now looking like a living room again. Pierre is seated at a sofa; Guy has prepared two drinks and is handing one of them to Pierre.
Guy: So what brings you to the Belt, cousin?
Pierre: The Vesta Council has hired me to be an administrator.
Panel 2
Medium shot of Pierre on the sofa, gesticulating as he explains further.
Pierre: I would have flown there directly, but something about how the stars are aligned, would have made it three times as expensive as making this stopover on Ceres.
Pierre: I don't understand any of that astronomy stuff.

Panel 3
Guy seats himself in an overstuffed chair oriented 90 degrees from the sofa..
Guy: Vesta has a council? I thought they were a market-anarchy like Ceres.
Pierre: They were, but it didn't work.
Panel 4
Looking past Guy looking incredulously at Pierre.
Pierre: There was some question about water quality or something.
Pierre: A group of newcomers from the Massachusetts sector stepped up and formed an ad hoc committee for water improvement.
Panel 5
Medium shot of Pierre, explaining further. Pierre gesticulates with his free hand as he speaks.
Pierre: Then they noticed problems with inequitable food distribution.
Pierre: When other problems came to their attention, they didn't have any authority or money to fix things.

Panel 6
Looking past Pierre at Guy, who is still looking incredulous.
Pierre: So when the radiation crises arose, the Committee asked the Vestians for a vote of confidence – and the authority to control water, food and other necessities until the crisis was over.
Pierre: That's when they became the Vesta Council.

Panel 7
Looking past Guy at Pierre, who sitting up a bit straighter, proud of his latest posting.
Pierre: In order to centrally control everything, they need administrators.
Pierre: I applied for a job and got it!

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