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Strip 787 -- First Seen: 2011-09-09
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Staple! This weekend! Yikes!

Yikes! We almost forgot to tell visitors to the Quantum Vibe page that Scott will be making an appearance at Staple! the indie comics expo, in Austin, Texas this coming weekend, October 12-13.

Scott will be premiering his latest collection of Quantum Vibe strips, QUANTUM VIBE: Château Périllieu. Exclusively available at this show! The trade-paperback will go on sale in other channels soon afterwards.

Sorry for the late notice, hope to see readers there.

The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Guy's living room, now looking like a living room again. Pierre is seated at a sofa; Guy has prepared two drinks and is handing one of them to Pierre.
Guy: So what brings you to the Belt, cousin?
Pierre: The Vesta Council has hired me to be an administrator.
Panel 2
Medium shot of Pierre on the sofa, gesticulating as he explains further.
Pierre: I would have flown there directly, but something about how the stars are aligned, would have made it three times as expensive as making this stopover on Ceres.
Pierre: I don't understand any of that astronomy stuff.

Panel 3
Guy seats himself in an overstuffed chair oriented 90 degrees from the sofa..
Guy: Vesta has a council? I thought they were a market-anarchy like Ceres.
Pierre: They were, but it didn't work.
Panel 4
Looking past Guy looking incredulously at Pierre.
Pierre: There was some question about water quality or something.
Pierre: A group of newcomers from the Massachusetts sector stepped up and formed an ad hoc committee for water improvement.
Panel 5
Medium shot of Pierre, explaining further. Pierre gesticulates with his free hand as he speaks.
Pierre: Then they noticed problems with inequitable food distribution.
Pierre: When other problems came to their attention, they didn't have any authority or money to fix things.

Panel 6
Looking past Pierre at Guy, who is still looking incredulous.
Pierre: So when the radiation crises arose, the Committee asked the Vestians for a vote of confidence – and the authority to control water, food and other necessities until the crisis was over.
Pierre: That's when they became the Vesta Council.

Panel 7
Looking past Guy at Pierre, who sitting up a bit straighter, proud of his latest posting.
Pierre: In order to centrally control everything, they need administrators.
Pierre: I applied for a job and got it!

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