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Strip 814 -- First Seen: 2011-10-31
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The waiting is over. And the news is this, the 5th volume in the Quantum Vibe saga is available on Kindle!. Buy your copy today from Amazon, and enjoy our heroes as they have a close encounter of the digital kind from the comfort of your favorite e-reader device.


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At long last, the 5th volume in the Quantum Vibe saga is now available in print. Buy your copy today from Amazon or Barnes & Nobel. You will be able to order directly from Big Head Press (sorry, US shipping only) very soon. Also, look for announcements for Quantum Vibe: Assimulation being available on Kindle and from DriveThru Comics.

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Panel 1
Tall, skinny panel. Exterior shot of the North Pole Towers, one fairly close, the other a few klicks in the distance. Shadows are very long
Caption: The duel was to take place at 'Sherwood Forest,' a tree farm located near the top of NoPoTo#1 (North Pole Tower Number 1).
Caption: The mag-lev train conveying Pierre and Guy was on time, and they arrived at the farm at exactly 2.50 VMT.

Panel 2
Wide panel. In the left foreground, Pierre and Guy stand before Anton Sherwood -- a very tall and stout fellow with bushy red hair, eyebrows and beard, who is greeting them. In the right background stand Henry, Suki, and Pablo Rosenberg. The scenery around them is mostly large (20 cm thick) and very tall bamboo, some shoot stretching up to 150 meters tall.
Anton: Greetings! I am Anton Sherwood and this is my Forest.
Pierre: Ah ... good day to you, sir.

Panel 3
Anton turns to walk towards the other party assembled, motioning for Guy and Pierre to follow. Pierre cups a hand to his face and whispers to his cousin.
Pierre (whispers): I half expected him to introduce himself as 'Little John.'

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