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Strip 865 -- First Seen: 2012-01-10
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
High-angle shot: Tobi has walked past Mac and Nisa and is more or less in the middle of the group, and pointing to his head with one hand.
Tobi: It's a little safety feature I set up.
Tobi: I have a gram of plastique implanted in my brain.

Panel 2
Focus on Tobit still talking, we can see Mac and Nisa behind him.
Tobi: Seven people – including Mac and Nisa – have detonators.
Tobi: If any four of the seven push their buttons, the signal will be sent by tanglenet and my head will explode.

Panel 3
Looking past Tobi at an angle taking in Drenkowsky, Arana, Bert and Ernie. Drenkowski looks at Tobi with a poker face, the other three with mouth-agape stares.
No dialog.

Panel 4
Same shot, although now Ernie is speaking and Arana and Bert have turned to look at him.
Ernie: And you did this … why?

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