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Strip 575 -- First Seen: 2010-11-19
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Re-establish the scene: Babbette the Younger on the dais, with a crowd of guests on the main floor facing her. Bert and Ernie can be seen near the front, Babbette the Elder and Reggie (or the backs of their heads anyway) can be seen farther back, in the middle of the crowd. Focus is on young Babbette on the dais.
BtY: Thanks, Daddy-B. This is a celebration, not a sob-session. Okay.

Panel 2
Looking over young Babbette's shoulder, across the crowd, where we can see Babbette the Elder, with Reggie standing next to her.
BtY: I love my Grandma, but I am sick of sharing her name.
BtY: I hear what you all call me: 'Little Babbette,' 'Babbette the Kid.'
BtY: No more.

Panel 3
Medium close-up of young Babbette. Her anguish and nervousness are gone – she has transformed from an anxious kid into a beautiful albeit still very young woman.
BtY: Today I am a free person. A new person. Today, I am a mensch.

Panel 4
Looking over young Babbette's shoulder at the crowd, who now look perplexed (except Reggie, who is suppressing a chuckle).
BtY: Sv. King says it just means an adult.
BtY: Well, if I'm a new person, I need a new name.

Panel 5
Medium close-up on young Babbette, arms raised, looking triumphant.
BtY: So I'm not going to be 'Little Babbette any longer.
BtY: From now on, my name is LIBERTY GUZMÁN!

Panel 6
Looking from Liberty's POV at the crowd. Who have just fallen silent, looking back at her blankly.
No dialog.

Panel 7
Looking from about the middle of the crowd at Liberty, who has hands on hips and a wry smirk on her face. The crowd is cheering.
Liberty: Okay, you can also call me 'Libby' if you want.
SFX: crowd cheers.

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