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Strip 588 -- First Seen: 2010-12-08
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Morris sauntering along a walkway in Ceres City.
Caption: Not only did Morris know the odds in cards, he improved on them. – he was an accomplished 'mechanic.'
Caption: He thought of himself as a 'practical magician.'

Panel 2
Morris walking past an establishment named 'Gambler's Odds,' a casino. The signage includes images of playing cards and 6-sided dice.
Caption: The casinos were good to Morris …
Caption : … but he found that there were more fish at the poker tables in bars than in casinos.

Panel 3
He approaches the entrance to a rough-looking place with a sign: Iron Rock.
Caption: So Morris made the rounds of three or four bars that usually had the most alcohol-impaired fish.

Panel 4
Morris entering the Iron Rock, framed in the doorway, a very confident but searching expression – like a predator cat looking for prey.
Caption: In that sense, the Iron Rock was the best bar on Ceres.

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