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Strip 866 -- First Seen: 2012-01-11
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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Medium close-up of a smiling Tobi. Leave room for dialog.
Tobi: One of my favorite writers, Voltaire, said, 'An ideal form of government is democracy tempered with assassination.'
Tobi: I tend to agree, but here's my problem:
Tobi: I have a lot of financial power – maybe too much power.
Panel 2
Looking from behind Tobi at Arana, Bert and Ernie. Tobi is gesturing as he speaks. (We see them mostly from shoulders-up, to leave room for dialog.
Tobi: My home is a whole world.
Tobi: Yes, a small world, but The Little Prince still has thousands of inhabitants.
Tobi: That is a lot of power, and I don't want to be tempted to abuse it.
Panel 3
Another close-up on Tobi, looking a bit winsome.
Tobi: So I borrowed an idea from Gilbert & Sullivan's opera, Utopia, Limited.
Tobi: In that opera, it was the duty of the 'Public Exploder' to to blow up King Paramount, if necessary to prevent 'rascality.'
Panel 4
Tobi in the center, flanked by Mac and Nisa, who now stand with their arms crossed in front of him, looking at him with appraising eyes. We see the backs of Bert, Ernie, Arana, and Drenkowski's heads in the lower foreground.
Tobi: Now, I have seven people who can tell me to knock it off – and make their objection stick.

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